Hi, I'm Tom Lynas. I'm a South East London based personal trainer working in the Peckham, East Dulwich and Herne Hill area, and I'm also the founder of Bear Drills Fitness. I help people at all levels to achieve their fitness goals, from improving body shape to increasing sports performance.

Working together with clients, I take a holistic approach towards both movement and nutrition so that I can deliver an effective and individual programme suited to your needs.

Alongside personal training, I hold two Bear Drills circuit training classes a week in the local area. All ages and abilities are welcome, and I look forward to seeing you there!


My Five Core Values



Everything I do - or tell others to to do - is as simple as possible


I will instil a sense of consistency in your approach to exercise and nutrition


I will examine where you are currently; where you want to go; and plan how to get there


Hard Work

I want everybody who I train to work hard and commit to their plan

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Forget fads, simple honest advice and hard work will deliver results



Personal Training


Prices are based on a monthly fee:

1 session per week - £165 per month

2 session per week - £330 per month

3 sessions per week - £495 per month



Your home (SE London) 

Peckham Rye Park / Dulwich Park

Fison Fitness Studio in Herne Hill


Weekly HIIT Classes

Bear Drills is a twice-weekly community fitness class that puts people of all ages and abilities through their paces, and is held just 5 minutes from Peckham Rye Park. 

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